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Disney Word Tips: Saving Money On Food

Disney Word Tips: Saving Money On Food

Disney World has become the pinnacle of all family vacation destinations. While there is no doubt that your family will have fun at Disney World, getting there and back on a tight budget is sometimes easier said than done. But like all vacation spots, there are some tips for Disney World that can save you hundreds of dollars.

One of the largest expenditures you will face on any vacation is the cost of food and beverage. Tourism areas know that you have to eat on your trip and some use this advantage to hike up prices beyond reasonable means. Disney World is no stranger to the tourism industry and you certainly aren’t going to find any $3.00 lunch specials within park boundaries. But there are ways to control your food costs at Disney. Here are some simple tips to get you started.

Use the Meal Packages
If you are purchasing a Magic Your Way package, then you have probably contemplated whether or no the food options are worth it. As it turns out, they are actually a pretty good deal based on convenience and cost. Typically you have access to two sit-down meals and one concession snack with the most popular packages. There are plenty of restaurants within the park that participate in this offer, and if you plan your meal effectively, then you will find the package to be a great add-on. Purchasing in advance also helps to control your budget so that you don’t spend beyond your means.

Eat Before You Go
This is a very good strategy, especially for breakfast time. There are hundreds of convenient food outlets in the vicinity of the theme parks, and all of them offer substantial savings to what you will find inside Disney. Obviously it is difficult to exit the park solely for meals, but grabbing a bite before you enter is easy enough to plan for.

Eat Later Meals
The way that you structure your meal times can also impact how much you will spend of food and beverage. If you can eat a later lunch for instance, you will probably be able to hold off on dinner until your trip home. This will allow you to dine outside of the park where there are cheaper options. You can also consider subsidizing meals with concession snacks to get your family by until you find an option on the outside. If you plan properly, you will likely only need to have one full meal inside the park.

Utilize Children’s Portions
As the average portion size continues to increase in America, we find ourselves leaving more and more on our plate. Use this to your advantage by purchasing kids meals for adults. A simple platter of chicken tenders and fries is usually more than enough to tide over the average adult. Of course many of the sit-down restaurants have policies against this, but the food court areas do not. Thus, you can beat the system by targeting these outlets for your primary meal.

Like any tourism business, Disney World charges a premium for their food items. While this can be disappointing to first-time visitors, veteran Disney-goers know there are plenty of ways to find a cheap meal. The key is to know your options and plan ahead. A small amount of strategy can save you hundreds of dollars.


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