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Disney World Summer Vacation: Beat the Heat and Have Fun

Disney World Summer Vacation: Beat the Heat and Have Fun

Are you planning a fun-filled Walt Disney World summer vacation but need some tips on how to deal with the hot weather? Here are some tips to get you cooler, keep you safe, and have fun:

Get up and going early with a surfing lesson at Typhoon Lagoon with the Cocoa Beach Surfing School. You can surf in the wave pool before the park opens every weekday (except Wednesdays).

Visit one of Disney World’s water parks and just spend all day splashing around. You can go to Typhoon Lagoon where you can ride some of the tallest ‘man-made’ waves on earth, or you can try your luck at Blizzard Beach with its exciting, rushing water and water slides fit for a true daredevil.

Try your hand at para sailing, tubing, water skiing, and more water sports courtesy of Sammy Duval Water Sports at the Contemporary Resort.

Take a ride in the Himalayan mountains. I spend half a hot July summer day at this ride to cool off. You ride on rail cars at Expedition Everest at Animal Kingdom. The rail cars rock you back and forth, taking you swooping into twists and turns in and out of the mountain. And you’ll be in for quite a surprise at the end!

There’s plenty to do at Downtown Disney World. Luckily for you, that includes air-conditioned activities. Go inside the various shops and restaurants. You can get souvenirs at the biggest Disney store of them all, World of Disney… and unlike the indoor rides, you won’t have to stand in a long line waiting to get relief.

And last but not least, spend day poolside at one of Disney World’s resort hotels.

Here are some things you can do to keep cool and keep yourself safe from the heat while waiting for rides and walking around in the park:

Wear light-colored, lightweight, loose clothing.

Try to have one of those battery-operated, hand-held fans you can wear around your neck. Every little bit of cool air helps.

Don’t just drink water. Drink some Gatorade or Powerade to keep your electrolyte level in balance.

Try going on the rides early in the day, before the sun is at its highest point, then switch to indoor or water activities.

Having fun and being safe while staying cool at Disney World takes a little planning and a willingness to try something new. There’s plenty to do so there’s no reason why you have to suffer misery in the heat just to try and have a little fun. Good luck planning your vacation and have a great time by beating the heat!


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