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The Disney West Coast Cruise

The Disney West Coast Cruise

Walt Disney Company has always strives to cover for any family leisure activities. Aside from its popular movie and television outfits and the theme parks, Disney makes sure it could facilitate good and effective bonding activities during vacations for all families around the world. Quality time with family is the gist of every Disney business. Thus, when the company established Disney Cruise, family vacations activities have been redefined. Disney West Coast Cruise is very popular among good timers.

Disney West Coast Cruise is also more popularly called as the Disney Magic. This cruise was constructed and inaugurated in 1998. The ship served as Walt Disney’s foray into the cruise shipping business. Since then, demand for vacations in the Disney cruise has always been popular especially during summer vacations.

The cruise could cater to as many as 2,400 vacationers at one time. The Cruise generally and basically gets to seven destinations all scattered across the Pacific Ocean. Those destinations are the Cozumel, Key West, St. Thomas, Grand Cayman, St Maarten and the Disney private island of Castaway Cay.Disney Cruise

On its initial operations, Disney West Coast Cruise was open to cruising anywhere, but in 2005, as part of the Disneyland’s golden (50th) anniversary, the Disney Cruise Line decided to make the cruise exclusive for West Coast.

If you are planning to book reservations and vacations using Disney West Coast, do not fret because you surely would get good deals for the efforts. The Disney West Coast Cruise is primarily for vacations. Thus, as much as possible, many Disney travelers want to cruise aboard Disney Magic.

Of course, Disney West Coast Cruise is principally assigned to cater to cruising requirements of people who want to sail, explore and enjoy the sights of the never-ending horizons. It really is fun to get aboard the Disney West Coast Cruise. Proof that people enjoy it is the ever rising demand for its tickets. Every year, thousands of accommodations are being booked for the Disney Magic.

And who would not enjoy spending several days offshore the seas embarked in the Disney Magic? The Cruise is complete with all the necessary amenities that would surely make anyone’s stay pleasurable and exciting. The Disney West Coast Cruise has a family swimming pool inside it for indoor swimming fun for the whole family. There are numerous restaurants that cater to every vacationer’s choosy and meticulous palate.

There are even recreational and themed mini-parks inside. All those of course are on top of the usual Disney theme parks amenities. Inside the cruise, you could get exclusive access to several other Disney entertainment amenities like television, through ABC, and movies, through Walt Disney Pictures and TouchStone.

Going around the coast of the Western side of the United States could never be as fun as the Disney West Coast Cruise. There are still so many areas and sites to explore, so many sunsets to watch and numerous fun activities that could make your vacation truly spectacular.


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